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Telemetric buoy data systems

Here's an example of both presentation and administration using the same XML-based detailed declarations.

    <panel title="Temperature">
      <lcd name="windTemp" left="Air" source=".windTemp" right="°C"/>
      <lcd name="waterTemp" left="Water" source=".waterTemp" right="°C"/>
    <panel color="#99ccFF" title="Current, 3 m.">
      <compass name="w3comp" width="140" height="140" source=".w3dir"/>
      <lcd name="w3dir" source=".w3dir" left="Dir." right="deg"/>
      <lcd name="w3speed" source=".w3speed" left="Speed" right="knots"/>
    <panel color="#3388cc" title="Current, 6 m.">
      <compass name="w6comp" width="140" height="140" source=".w6dir"/>
      <lcd name="w6dir" source=".w6dir" left="Dir." right="deg"/>
      <lcd name="w6speed" source=".w6speed" left="Speed" right="knots"/>
    <panel title="Current speed history. 3m, 6m and 9 m. [hours]">
      <chart width="450" height="240" name="chart1" options="relative-y">
        <serie source=".9mSpeedHistory" yaxis="y2axis" color="#004499"/>
        <serie source=".6mSpeedHistory" yaxis="y2axis" color="#2277bb"/>
        <serie source=".3mSpeedHistory" yaxis="y2axis" color="#bbeeff"/>
        <axis name="xaxis" customaxis="history" label="" color="#666666"/>
        <axis name="y2axis" min="0" max="2.5" interval="0.5" label="Current speed [knots]" color="#999"/>


Once again, the goal is to the declare the application precise, yet without tiers to specific libraries or dependencies.