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RWD Templates

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Make me understand

Once again, it's semantics that glues the requested features with the actual implementation. Some special RWD-tags, parsed by a compiler to give the optimal exeperience.


Lots of great stuff here. Teleporter-tag that moves around stuff. Inline declarations of RWD-widths and styles that are computed to classes and breakpoints. Easy to include external resources to be bundled and/or added to manifest / serviceworker for optimal performance. Delivering a world class RWD-template that may team up with any CMS of choice.


<content type="mobilefirst/site"> 
    <site title=""  path="public/pub_fastaphi" debug="yes" themecolor="#666"  \
      maxwidth="120em" icon="testapp.png" appcache="manifest"> 
    <include file="global.js" bundle="yes" manifest="yes"/>
    <include file="global.css" bundle="yes" manifest="yes"/> 
    <include file="hammer.min.js" bundle="yes" manifest="yes"/>   
    <fontawesome use="fa-bars,fa-search,fa-bookmark-o,fa-sliders,fa-times-circle"/> 
#these are always modal 
    <dialog id="mainmenu" animation="slideFromLeft" style="background-color:#e0e0e0;opacity:1;border-right:0px solid #111;\
           width="4/5,3/5,2/5" enabled="1,1,1">
#content will be moved here by <teleporter>
        <dialog id="searchmenu" animation="slideFromRight" style="background-color:#333;box-shadow:3px 0px 10px #000;" width="4/5,,2/5,,1/4,0" enabled="1,1,1">
<teleporter id="mainMenu" target="mainmenu,,,home">
        <col width="11/12">
            <function name="ppMenu(1,5)"/>
        <col width="1/12">