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You want more? That's great! It probably means that by now you're about to realize how things could be just more clear. Let's summarize:


A different approach

Fastaphi combines form and logic (customized) into one file, the XFA-pages. This enables fast development and easy-to-follow customization.

Promotes sustainability

By declaring less code, applications become more sustainable and may benefit from future better technical implemetations.

Backend target

Main target of fastaphi applications NOT the web, but rather to support intranet applications and various content-generation.


Fastaphi is not intended for public internet web applications, such as booking systems etc. Build these with MVC frameworks such as Zend, RoR,, CI or whatever. And build a fastaphi "backdoor" for the staff when you're running out of time.


(Well, that's not totally true. There's a built in CMS-part that's easy to use, multilingual and everything. But let's skip that for now..)


Apart from the snappy database-manager, fastaphi allows for easy creation of images, pdf's, reports, RWD-templates and more.

Normalize well

Fastaphi works on tables. In a well designed database tables represents different types of objects, and working with one at a time (mainly) is not a draw back.

Fast in every aspect

Fast to learn, fast to develop and fast for users to work with.

Freedom of choice

Fastaphi runs on PHP5 and under windows, unix and osx. It can be installed on shared host, VPS or dedicated server. It requires no special configuration of webserver or additional libraries.

Fine grained grants

Fastaphi provides no built in ACL or similar. With conditional executements of forms and server-awareness of allowed actions, it's easy to define an apropriate grants system.

File based blobs

Fastaphi provides file based blobs, which increases performance and decreases size of database. Backup jobs are greatly improved.