Debug log:


Driving Zebra-printers

If you ever worked with Zebra-printers and trying to automate them, you probably know it can be tricky. Fix that?


Using the server power

Since all scripts is executed on server, the network-access to online cloud services, printers and more is a one-time configuration, making it so much easier to configure and maintain clients.


<content type="zpl/label" dpmm="8" unit="mm" pagesize="80,60" \
    margins="5,5" output="labelary" outpath="">
<raw type="php">
$this->s['today'] = date('Y-m-d',time());
      <setfont size="12" />
      <cell xy="0,0" wh="70,10" align="C" text="Delivery tracking"/>
      <line xy="0,10" wh="70,0" size="7"/>
      <setfont size="5" />
      <cell xy="0,15" wh="70,10" align="L" text="Shipping serial code:"/>
      <ean13 xy="45,15" wh="25,5" value="12312345678"/>
      <setfont size="3" />
      <cell xy="0,20" wh="70,10" text="Shipping date: $$s|today$$"/>
      <line xy="0,25" wh="70,0" size="2"/>
      <setfont size="5" />
      <cell xy="0,28" wh="70,10" align="L" text="Delivery confirmation:"/>
      <code39 xy="0,33" wh="40,10"  value="401-101-151-155" />
      <image path="demologo.png" xy="25,49" wh="20,20"/>