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Database management 


Ok, this is what started it all. Based on an idea to replace MS-Access or Filemaker, and still keep the simplicty of development. Here it is. It's just amazingly fast and flexible to work with, packed with features and enterprise userbase. There's nothing like it, yet you'll feel right at home.


Benefits over traditional database management software

  • Runs anywhere (inhouse, shared host, cloud service)
  • Client OS independent
  • Zero client installation & configuration
  • No licence management
  • Built in middletier for better security and integrity

Technical features

  • Amazing performance
  • Effective record navigation
  • Possibility to define fine grained user access
  • Multiple subforms support
  • Built in image and storage management
  • WYSIWYG-editors
  • Exising modules to get a kick start
  • Extendable using plugins