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Form Generators

When you're designing your xfa-page, you choose a content-type to output something back to the user. It may be a PDF, or even an excel-sheet, but most often a html-page.


The content-types should only read from your db since they're avaliable at GET-request. (XSS security).


By the way, today is 2019-08-17.


This is the most flexible, advanced and usable content-type of them all, and the reason why fastaphi came to be. Use it to browse, search and update your data.

This is just a basic navigation content-type. Menus may have two levels, it's loaded in a separate frame and may syncronize with the content shown in the main-page.

Just a basic frames-content-type. The only thing you need to learn is probably that fastaphi uses named frames to keep track of states (security and features).

Generates a multi-column sortable listbox. With hrefs and sorting-persistance.